Jesse Spillane


2014-05-23 by Jesse Spillane

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image2015-04-16 - Sky Ship
A collection of songs recorded between 2010 and 2015
image2015-02-06 - Dusklight Trio - The Blue Hour Sessions
Debut piano-trio music by Dusklight Trio
image2014-10-31 - Eighth Whale - Live at Howlers
Live music by Eighth Whale
image2014-09-28 - Eighth Whale - Eighth Whale
Eighth Whale's second release.
image2014-07-10 - Apocalobster - Love and Monsters
A comic and music anthology. I contributed two songs.
image2010-05-19 - Art of Presentation
A somewhat spacier album with varied styles
image2010-02-08 - Eighth Whale - Basement EP
A dark brooding prog/fusion EP by Eighth Whale
image2008-09-23 - Descent of the Goober Monster
Funky, fun, and a little sinister
image2008-01-01 - Songs That Go Up and Down
A generic concept album

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